Operational Support

Facilities Management

MHPI has a proven track record of successful facilities development and project management, having designed and produced housing for individuals of all ages in need of safe, attractive, and affordable accommodation.

For MHPI, successful property management is a combination of strong asset preservation and solid financial administration. MHPI’s facilities management team has received numerous awards for the high quality of their facilities maintenance, resulting in properties which make a positive contribution to the surrounding neighborhoods.

MHPI takes a proactive approach to property management, an approach that requires focus on the owner, as well as the property. The staff at MHPI is trained to continually think like an owner in all aspects of their job performance.

With its own multi-family portfolio of 247 apartments, all associated with affordable housing programs, MHPI closely monitors adherence to resident income restrictions, occupancy percentages, and debt service coverage ratios on a monthly and annual basis.

The MHPI team, which includes HUD Certified Subsidized Occupancy Specialists, is trained to assist tenants with meeting and maintaining the compliance standards set forth by federal and state agencies. Once a customer provides MHPI with the pertinent data about its project(s), contract, units and tenant information, MHPI will handle the rest to ensure the timely collection of rental assistance payments.

Facilities management services provided include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Initial certification and subsequent recertifications of tenants in accordance with HUD regulations
  • Transmission of monthly vouchers to HUD via MHPI’s licensed TRACS system software
  • Preparation of special vouchers
  • Billing and collection of monthly rents
  • 24-hour on-call maintenance service
  • Apartment clean-out when tenants leave
  • Monthly reports mailed to property owners
  • Regularly scheduled exterior / common area inspections
  • Routine maintenance & updating of property files
  • Obtaining quotes for major improvements / repairs
  • Group rates from cur list of preferred contractors

For more information regarding our services, please contact Edward Fox at efox@mhpi.net.