History of MHPI, Inc.

In 1975, Mental Health Programs, Inc. was incorporated in Massachusetts as a tax exempt organization under IRS code private not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization. The company’s growth was affected by many events that gave impetus to the creation of community-based, human service organizations including; enactment of the Community Mental Health Centers Act (PL94-63) of 1963, a major federal initiative funding community-based centers for the mentally ill, and the Massachusetts General Laws (MGL) Chapter 766, which made cities and towns responsible for meeting the educational needs of children with disabilities. Under this statute, children with disabilities are “mainstreamed” into normal classroom settings. Those children for whom this approach is impractical can be placed in residential treatment centers or day schools.

During a three-year period from 1972 to 1975, through a series of consent decrees between the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the federal courts, individuals with intellectual disabilities living in state schools were mandated better services. These services include educational, residential, and vocational components. MHPI was one of the first providers to offer services for persons with intellectual disabilities who either resided in the community or were discharged from the state schools.

Shortly after these events occurred, The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Federal Department of Health and Education Welfare (HEW) decided to provide funding for demonstration programs for the development of housing and services for the mentally ill as part of the de-institutionalization movement. MHPI responded to this call, and in 1978 it became one of 26 organizations in the United States to be awarded the first grants for its development of a 6-unit apartment building (MHPI I) under the HUD Section 202 Grant Program.

In 1996, MHPI expanded its emphasis into the development of supportive living for elderly populations, and began shifting emphasis to develop supported housing for elderly populations. This endeavor began with MHPI X, known as Senior Living on Bellingham Hill, located in Chelsea, MA, and ultimately led to MHPI forming a new corporation, Residential Support Services, Inc (RSSI) in 1999. RSSI delivers supportive services to elderly and disabled clients to promote aging in place.

Through the creation of safe and affordable housing, enriched by the most appropriate supportive services, MHPI continues to serve individuals throughout the Greater Boston area and Central Massachusetts.