Real Estate Development

MHPI is engaged in acquisition, development and management of multi-family residential real estate. MHPI focuses on identifying the needs of the marketplace and delivering products and services to our customers. By building strong relationships with clients, investors and competitors, MHPI is recognized as a leading developer of affordable housing projects centered on excellence.

MHPI offers consulting services to assist in the development of affordable housing that creates an environment of long-term care for the elderly and/or individuals with disabilities. MHPI’s experienced professional team coordinates all aspects of the development process: acquisition, financing, refurbishment of existing structures and property management of the finished product. MHPI presently serves as management agent for 20 multi-family residential sites scattered throughout the Boston area and Central Massachusetts.

Additionally, MHPI offers a development team with expertise in financing covenants for state and federal agencies, banking institutions, contract administration, and budget adherence. MHPI reviews each agreement to ensure adherence to the stipulations set forth in the documents.

MHPI’s most recent development is the adaptive reuse of the former David Prouty Intermediate School located in Spencer, MA. Purchased from the Town in 2006, the facility will provide 35 units of affordable supportive housing for very-low income seniors. This project was financed through funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the Community Economic and Development Assistance Corporation (CEDAC). Completion is anticipated in January 2010.

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