Capital Donations Being Sought for Senior Living at Prouty

Below are a list of Capital Donations currently being sought for Senior Living at Prouty.  For more information or if you’re interested, please contact Paul Lemieux, Director of Finance and Administration at 617-431-4934 or via email

Landscaping of the Grounds

The construction budget for Senior Living at Prouty was very meager in regards to landscaping, allowing only for seeding of the outside areas fronting Route 9 and Pope Street, and the placement of a few trees and shrubs aligning the parking lot.  Many of the shrubs were damaged by the snow that was plowed on top of them during the winter.  There is a strong need to add more plantings around the building, the driveways and walkways to improve the overall living environment for residents.  Additionally, we need six high-quality benches to create outside seating areas where residents can sit together as the weather permits.

Estimated Project Cost $25,000

Framed Artwork for the Interior of the Building

There is a high need for additional artwork that can be hung on the walls throughout the building.  Presently, there are only twelve pictures hanging at the more highly trafficked areas of this 44,000 square foot facility.  One of our objectives is to procure pictures that portray the history of the school and its place within the Town of Spencer.  Sponsoring this effort would allow us to work with experts in obtaining artwork that is representative of the building’s historical nature and which can be enjoyed by both tenants and visitors to Senior Living at Prouty.

Estimated Cost $10,000

Supplies for Community Room and Warming Kitchen

The community room will soon have tables and chairs to seat up to 96 people for a function.  These items were purchased as part of the Major Moveable Equipment Allowance in the HUD Construction Budget.  We anticipate that this room will be used continuously by the tenants for their own functions, and, on occasion, may be utilized by outside groups who are providing activities for residents and guests.  Aside from the furniture in the room and the appliances in the warming kitchen, there was no provision for any supplies such as cooking utensils, dinner plates, glassware, coffee cups or eating utensils.

Estimated Cost $5,000

Computer Lab Equipment for Resident Use

Our objective is to create a small technology area where residents can have access to computers.  This proposal includes four personal computers with monitors, 1 high-speed printer, and necessary operating software.

Estimated Cost (including installation) $10,000

Passenger Van for Transporting Residents

One of the biggest challenges facing the residents of Senior Living at Prouty is traveling to various points within the town to keep medical appointments, attend events at the Senior Center, or for carrying out various other errands.  While a number of the tenants have vehicles and can drive themselves, others are in need of transportation to these destinations.  Being able to provide this type of service to residents makes our project even more marketable to people who are applying for residency.  Staffing and ongoing operational costs are uncertain at this time.

Estimated Cost $30,000 – $40,000


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