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Facilities Management

MHPI has a proven track record of successful facilities development and project management, having designed and produced housing for individuals of all ages in need of safe, attractive, and affordable accommodation.

For MHPI, successful property management is a combination of strong asset preservation and solid financial administration. MHPI’s facilities management team has received numerous awards for the high quality of their facilities maintenance, resulting in properties which make a positive contribution to the surrounding neighborhoods. facilities management

MHPI takes a proactive approach to property management, an approach that requires focus on the owner, as well as the property. The staff at MHPI is trained to continually think like an owner in all aspects of their job performance.

With its own multi-family portfolio of 247 apartments, all associated with affordable housing programs, MHPI closely monitors adherence to resident income restrictions, occupancy percentages, and debt service coverage ratios on a monthly and annual basis.

The MHPI team, which includes HUD Certified Subsidized Occupancy Specialists, is trained to assist tenants with meeting and maintaining the compliance standards set forth by federal and state agencies. Once a customer provides MHPI with the pertinent data about its project(s), contract, units and tenant information, MHPI will handle the rest to ensure the timely collection of rental assistance payments.

Facilities management services provided include, but are not limited to the following:

Initial certification and subsequent recertifications of tenants in accordance with HUD regulations
Transmission of monthly vouchers to HUD via MHPI’s licensed TRACS system software
Preparation of special vouchers
Billing and collection of monthly rents
24-hour on-call maintenance service
Apartment clean-out when tenants leave
Monthly reports mailed to property owners
Regularly scheduled exterior / common area inspections
Routine maintenance & updating of property files
Obtaining quotes for major improvements / repairs
Group rates from cur list of preferred contractors

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Operational and Administrative Support

MHPI provides an alternative means for property owners and service providers to outsource part(s) of their administrative or financial tasks to a knowledgeable third party. MHPI’s financial team has earned top scores from tenants, clients, and state and federal agencies for its proactive approach to identifying and resolving problem situations.

- MHPI provides professional real estate property management (financial and administrative) services to investors in and owners of multi-family properties.
– MHPI takes a team approach to creating solutions that achieve successful results for its clients.
– Through continuous education and exposure to innovations in technology, and adaptive management practices, MHPI clients are assured of ongoing compliance with state and federal regulations.

Clients can choose from varying levels of support. MHPI can assume all responsibilities associated with those of a full-service management agent, or a model can be designed that addresses the customer’s precise needs. MHPI’s experienced professional staff can directly perform, or assist the client’s staff in all areas of finance: accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, general ledger, financial reporting, strategic planning, and human resources.

The first step is the preparation of a comprehensive needs analysis to determine what services may be required, and the role that MHPI can play. Each organization’s needs are different based on the number of units or tenants, the expertise of current staff, owner/agent familiarity with rules and regulations, and the type of funding that is used to subsidize operations.

Once its role is clearly identified, MHPI will then work with the client to ensure that its compliance with the regulations of the designated federal and/or state agency, and its financial objectives are met. Regardless of the needs, MHPI’s in-house team, complemented by our expert outside resources, will design a service plan to provide increased productivity, profit and compliance.

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Real Estate Development Consulting

MHPI is engaged in acquisition, development and management of multi-family residential real estate. MHPI focuses on identifying the needs of the marketplace and delivering products and services to our customers. By building strong relationships with clients, investors and competitors, MHPI is recognized as a leading developer of affordable housing projects centered on excellence.

MHPI offers consulting services to assist in the development of affordable housing that creates an environment of long-term care for the elderly and/or individuals with disabilities. MHPI’s experienced professional team coordinates all aspects of the development process: acquisition, financing, refurbishment of existing structures and property management of the finished product. MHPI presently serves as management agent for 20 multi-family residential sites scattered throughout the Boston area and Central Massachusetts.

Additionally, MHPI offers a development team with expertise in financing covenants for state and federal agencies, banking institutions, contract administration, and budget adherence. MHPI reviews each agreement to ensure adherence to the stipulations set forth in the documents.

MHPI’s most recent development is the adaptive reuse of the former David Prouty Intermediate School located in Spencer, MA. Purchased from the Town in 2006, the facility provides 35 units of affordable supportive housing for very-low income seniors. This project was financed through funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and the Community Economic and Development Assistance Corporation (CEDAC).

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