Rental Application and Accompanying Information

Please note: The application process is thorough but fair and considerate of all applicants. Because we are government-funded, we must follow government guidelines with regard to fair housing and concern for the disabled. In turn, you will need to supply a fair amount of information about your assets and general circumstances.

Please fill out All forms in the application package along with the REQUIRED documents, and mail them to:

Jane Karoway
70 Bridge Street, Suite 201
Newton, MA 02458

Or, you may also submit them via email at, or fax them directly to 617-789-5750.

Housing Application – May 2016

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS – In addition to the forms in the application package, please provide the following:

– Birth Certificate
– Social Security Card
– Social Security Award Letters (& Other Benefit Letters)
– Bank Statements

For any questions, please contact Jane Karoway via email at, or call 617-431-4924.


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